This Is How We Bride is a bridal and wedding blog detailing the journey through engagement for a future NJ Bride. Mara Kievit, author of This Is How We Bride, is a born and raised Jersey Girl, who is looking to tie the knot in one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Hey NJ!

From proposal, to venue hunting, to vendor choosing to, engagement parties, showers, flowers and more, I am here to detail exactly what my experience as a soon-to-be bride has been, is and will be. Something I’ve learned in the very early stages of planning a wedding are how many people have their very own opinions and ideas about how and what a wedding should be. As a very opinionated and passionate individual myself… this has definitely made the process thus far…. hm, interesting.

Writing has always been a passion of mind, and something that I seem to have a knack for. So, why not use this skill to share mine and my fiance’s (Mike) road to the alter, including experiences, tips, the good, the bad, the expensive or in other word, the ugly.